Every project has its particularities. But in any case we have to follow straight checklists. We have to assess our requirements – what is bought where? We have to observe the supply market – who offers what? Done so, a sourcing strategy has to be developed – where to manufacture or buy.

Suitable manufacturing centres have to be identified and negotiations with suppliers about materials, products and prices have to start.

When these steps are fnished supply channels have to be implemented.


In the preliminary phase of a project a competent consultation will often save you time and money.

We obtain all relevant approvals and permissions for your project, test the physical stability of prototypes under load, supervise the entire installation and deliver the system in operating order at the agreed date.


With a team of project professionals, ECCE International manages signage contracts in excess of 100m annually ranging from programmes of just 10 sites, to major re-imaging programmes in excess thousand of sites.

The project management services extend to cover all programme mobilisation and roll-out requirements. Project Managers ensure survey, design, procurement, logistics and installation preparation phases are completed on time and to specification in readiness for the roll-out phase.

Time plans and key date schedules are reviewed on client-specific web sites or at regular client review meetings.
ECCE services are offered worldwide.

Project Management, Supply & Implementation

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Project Management