Your corporate brand is unique. It is important and one of your most valued assets. Brand control goes beyond the conceptual design phase of a corporate identity; it extends further than the lifetime of your signs. Our design and engineering team has proven ability in working with brands. Many of the world's most valued brands have trusted us to progress the use of their corporate identity and enhance the product range of their signs. Compliance and consistency are key. We understand and respect the values of the brand elements across a myriad of construction materials and finishes.


You could just wait and see what the future has in store for you – or you can take an active part in it. Our Research and Development department ensures the realization of useful product innovations and unusual customer concepts. For decades, our R&D division has been demonstrating what can be achieved by deploying a profound technical know-how at the production interface.


In the beginning, there is an idea. Whether you want to make decisive improvements on existing structures or develop new technologies our prototyping department is always committed to finding the best solution for our customers. Our many patent registrations give evidence of successfully realized ideas and we look forward to finding an optimized solution for your individual needs.


ECCE has state of the art manufacturing techniques and processes across our manufacturing centers. We have a full range of advanced production capabilities in metals, plastic, glass and composites all around the globe.
ECCE services are offered worldwide.

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